Student Handbook

This handbook describes student rights and responsibilities. The following specific issues are addressed alphabetically.

The Office of Student Services is responsible for the student educational experience outside the formal classroom program. The Dean of Student Services recommends approval of all College-related activities, including the formation of new organizations and clubs; campus events; and participation of students in departmental activities, with final approval given by the President. The Dean of Student Services judges each request based upon the social and educational benefits provided to the students by the activity. Following approval by the President, the Dean of Student Services works with each sponsor of student activity groups to develop specific supervisory guidelines for the activity. Mrs. Joan Reeves, the Coordinator of Student Activities, assists with supervision of student activities. All formal student activities must have a sponsor. The College deems this important and necessary for both academic and legal reasons. Sponsors are to encourage wholesome and creative student efforts. The College believes that it should fulfill academic, legal, ethical, and moral responsibilities, and uphold federal and state laws regarding student activities. Student activities personnel adhere to these principles as an integral part of their professional duties. In instances of travel, if hotels/housing arrangements are made through the College, assignments will be made based on biological sex of individuals. Refer to the Organizations and Officers section for the specific procedures to request the formation of a new organization. All activities, awards, and organizations must receive final approval from the President.